Our History

Founded in 1990 as American Foam & Fabric, the Company began in Piedmont, SC as a small, fledgling family-run textile business that manufactured laminated goods for the automotive aftermarket industry. Its name was a patriotic nod to the Gulf War that the US was engaged in at that time. After outgrowing its first location and several intermediary moves, the Company established its headquarters in Lyman, SC in 2012. This 800,000 SF facility was a perfect fit, rich in textile manufacturing history formerly occupied by Springs Industries, one of the largest textile facilities in the world. In 2018, the Company was purchased by Ben Leinster, the stepson of the founder. As a teenager, Ben had worked for the Company in its early days but left to attend school. Building upon the past, the new leadership team rebranded the Company to be called AFF | group, which represented an acknowledgment of past efforts but a focus on future growth. The team established three core values that impact every aspect of the Company: the Pursuit of ExcellenceService to Others, and Mutually Beneficial Relationships. In living out these values daily, the Company has become a leader in its three core competencies: the manufacture and distribution of flame-laminated goods, coated fabrics, and flexible foams. AFF | group is passionate about delivering practical and innovative solutions through textile manufacturing and continues to strive to be the US-based leader in textile manufacturing and product development.


American Foam and Fabric was founded by Ed Flanary out of his garage. Initial activities included hand-cutting fabric patterns for custom van conversions of the late 1980's and early 1990's. 

First Flame Laminator

Seeing a need relating to aftermarket headliners and sun visors, Ed Flanary purchased the company's first flame laminator. The Company leased its first building in Piedmont, SC and started laminating aftermarket automotive headliner. Little did they know that three decades later, they would be the nation's leading flame laminator or aftermarket headliner.

Lyman Facility

After several interim moves, American Foam and Fabric purchased its current facility in Lyman, SC.

Tractor Trailer

The Company purchased the first of many tractor trailer trucks and began delivering its products nationwide.

New Owner

On June 15, 2018, Ben Leinster, the stepson of the founder, purchased American Foam and Fabric, Inc. The cycle had truly come full circle since Ben's first job was working at the company.

Facility Updates

A core leadership team was formed to guide the company into the future and started facility upgrades, including installing energy efficient state of the art LED lighting throughout the facility.


American Foam and Fabric, Inc. rebranded and changed the name to the AFF | group. The significance of this action was two-fold: 1.) The Company wanted to stay connected to its historical roots by keeping the initials of the original company name and 2.) the company wanted to look to the future growth by incorporating "group" in the new name.

Renovations & Relocations

Renovations were completed and the corporate offices were relocated to the manufacturing facility to better serve our team.

ERP System

AFF | group implemented its first ever coud-based ERP system to manage its almost half a million square foot facility.


AFF | group launched TechStyles to utilize AFF's capabilities to serve an entirely new market. 

Family Brands

The company announced brands for our lamination and foam product families. Branding product families establishes identity and ownership. Flame bond represent lamination and Cirrus foam represent foam.

AFF | academy

AFF | group established AFF | academy, an interactive learning program to elevate the training experience.