European Leather

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AFF | group has two leather hide lines, Vintage and Affinity. The Vintage leather line is crafted with an emboss grain to create consistency throughout these heavy weight drum-dyed hides. They are covered by a pigmented finish and are a durable leather suitable for all applications. The Affinity line hides have a fine grain and protective topcoat dyed by an aniline dying process making the color consistent from hide to hide. Affinity leather has a smooth look and luxurious feel suitable for all applications.

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Vintage, Affinity


Light Gray, Cement, Black, Graystone, Granite, Asphalt, Orange, Brandy, Mocha, Chocolate, White, Oyster, Antique, Champagne, Cashew, Beach, Lime, Capers, Sky Blue, Blue, Navy, Purple, Saffron, Auburn, Cherry Red, Torch Red, Dark Red, Merlot, Navy Blue, Midnight Blue, Ebony Black, Blue Gray, Sapphire, Regal Blue, Mint, Teal, Sea Green, Mustard, Khaki, Nutmeg, Walnut, Copper, Crimson, Ghost, Vanilla, Pearl, Ivory, Buttercream, Earth, Parchment, Shale, Sand, Flaxen, Creek Sand, Beaver, Pistachio, Lagoon, Pine, Artichoke, Avocado, Dark Green, Firehouse Red, Brick, Zinfandel, Ruby, Bordeaux, Plum, Olive, Macchiato, Sand Dune, Ash Gray, Slate, Steel Gray, Toffee, Clay, Oak, Milk Chocolate, Hazelnut, Dark Brown

General Specifications

Raw Materials – German Hides
Hide/Size – Affinity is 50 sq. ft. and Vintage is 55 sq. ft.
Thickness – Affinity is 0.9 to 1.1 mm and Vintage is 1.4 to 1.6 mm

Performance Specifications

Light Fastness – Affinity is 5 and Vintage is 4
Rubbing Strength – 4
Tear Strength – 0.20 N/mm
Flexing Endurance – Affinity is no cracking, Vintage is 30.000
Adhesion of Finish – 2N / 10 MM
Flame Resistance – DIN 75 200 & FMVSS 302